Ever since I can remember I have been telling stories with images. As a child, I was obsessed with drawing the human body in motion. As long as I could manipulate figures I felt fulfilled. Such were the happy days of my childhood spent with pencil in hand. Paper dolls and ColorForms also figured into my approach as an artist and I pretty much lived in a fantasy world of my own making. 

Later in life, I obtained a BFA from the University of Southern Maine, trading my pencil and paintbrush for a pair of scissors and a stack of magazines. Then random, intuitive, combinations and seamless connections with digital techniques ensued. My work became more symbolic, revealing a hidden dimension. Today I think of them like riddles, with underlying meanings. 

I use Adobe Photoshop, a 21.5" iMac, Wacom Intuos 4 Pen Tablet, and a Sony 8 Alpha 850 digital camera and an iPhone 6s. I print my work on an Epson 4880 large format printer.  

My fine art prints have displayed in Maine, New York, Massachusetts and Vermont and at the Primo Piano Livin’ Gallery in Lecce, Italy, published in Maine Art Scene Magazine and Escape Into Life Journal, Still Point Arts Quarterly (award for best in show for my portfolio) and Shadow and Light Magazines; I was a featured artist on FocusMaine.com and my work appeared as the cover art for Osteopathic Biodynamic Methods (Castle of Marvels, 2013) and Shantic, from Austria, a CD compilation and book (Transmutation, 2015). I have illustrated for Maine books (hear if you dare and Heart Songs and Other Legacies and am currently illustrating for Space Heart, A Memoir In Stages by Linda Buckmaster), as well as designing graphics for local venues such as Women's Works Contemporary Dance for the past ten years. I am currently being represented by Evolve Sanctuary for the Soul in Belfast, Maine.

I am indebted to many friends and family members who have inspired and supported me: Ken Westhaver,  Michael Moore, James Jealous, Lori Frazer, Judy Aldrich, Katenia Keller, Shana Bloomstein, Sarabelle Gruber, Bob Proudman, Jackie Reifer and Johan Selmer-Larsen.  I am inspired by Maggie Taylor, Tom Chambers, Fran Forman, David Loew, Remedios Varo, Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimpt, Albrecht Durer, Gustav Dore, and the Flemish Masters to name a few. Thank you for visiting my site.

My life can be summed up as follows: “When one avails him or herself of the symbols arising....above all when one comes upon the Deep Centre–what seemed a hideous descent into darkness is afterwards seen as the saving reality of life, 'the darkness of God”.  - Experiment in Depth, PW Martin



2016                    Best in Show, Portfolio, Still Point Arts Gallery, Still Point Arts Quarterly Winter Edition

                            Shadow and Light Magazine (PDF Photography Publication) 

2015                    Cover Art, Shantic, Shamanic Trance Music, CD and Book by Tatjana Branoff and Bernd Bechtloff, Austria          

2014                    Cover Art , Biodynamics of Osteopathy, Phase Nine by James Jealous D.O., Tames Prepress

2013                     Cover, TimWorld Dhoom CD, Goat River Productions

2013                     Belfast, Maine’s Ninth Poetry Festival Banner image, Bird Brain, ‘13

2009                    hear if you dare, Poetry and Art by Lauren Murray and Joan ProudmanIlluminated Sea Press

2006                    Cover Art, Heart Songs and Other Legacies, Linda Buckmaster, Illuminated Sea Press

2004                    Article about my work with Photo by Judson Merrill in The Phoenix, Portland, ME

2003                    Cover Art Off the Coast Poetry Magazine, Bristol, Maine



2015                  Waterfall Arts Clifford Gallery, Belfast, ME   Fermentation Show 

                           Betts Gallery, Belfast, ME     Spring Show

                           Featured artist, InspireFirst Online Journal

2014                   Limner Gallery (Slow Art Magazine), Hudson, MA 

                           Strange Figurations

                           Featured artist, Escape Into Life Online Journal

                           Betts Gallery, Belfast, ME     Holiday Show

2013                   Aarhus Gallery, Belfast, ME     Heart

2012                   Primo Piano Livin Gallery, Lecce Italy

                           Gaia Celestial Fragments

                            Featured artist on FocusMaine.com

2011                    Aarhus Gallery, Botany of Desire

                                                     Radius Show

                            Statewide Juried Virtual Showcase Artist maineartscene.com

2010                   Blue Marble Gallery, Waterville, ME

                           The River Gallery, Damariscotta, ME

                           William Ryan Gallery, Belfast, ME


2015                   Evolve Sanctuary for the Soul, Belfast, ME Light in My Soul  

2012                   Betts Gallery, Belfast, MESeeing Through

                           Kramer Gallery, Belfast, METhirteen Stories

2008                 The Gallery at Wren, Bethlehem, VTSeeing Through

2005                 Coffee By Design, Portland, ME Inner Sky

2003                 Lottie Ta Da Gallery, Hudson, MAArchetypes  



1984      University of Southern Maine, BFA

              Franconia College, Franconia, NH

              Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA


1992-97Goldsmith, Thomas Michaels Designers, William Richie Designs, Camden, ME

1991-92Production Staff, Wooden ‘Americana’ Objects, Kevin White Designs, Hope,  ME

1980-85Hand-Painter, Heritage Metal Craft, Windham, ME

1983-85Pottery Glazer, Andersen Design        

1996 – 2012 Dancer, Stella Dance Theatre and Women’s Works, Belfast, ME
1973 – 1996 Member, Boston Ballet Company, Chicago Lyric Opera Company, Ram Island Dance Company, Portland Ballet Company (Portland, ME)


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